Healing through Naturopathy


Healing through Naturopathy

We have a good experience of treatment of acute and chronic disease (like: stress, burn out , depression, anxiety, migraine, back pain, cervical pain, digestive disorder, arthritic etc) from 1999. we are giving good health who gives us time and patience.

Yoga Reiki and Nature Cure Foundation ( Chetana Yoga) provides different Natural treatment such as:

  • Massage
  • Hotfoot Bath
  • Steam Bath (Local sauna)
  • Hip Bath
  • Spinal Bath
  • Hot cold compression
  • Wet sheet pack partly problem area
  • Wet Sheet Pack whole body
  • Colon cleansing
  • Food Therapy
  • Dry friction Bath
  • Fruits, Vegetables fasting
  • Yoga Breathing
  • Yogasana

Philosophy of Nature Cure

Naturopathy, Nature Cure and Naturotheraphy are the names given to the system of treatment in which seven elements are used to restore the health of a patient

  1. Ether (Akash)
  2. Air (Vayu)
  3. Sun/Fire (Agni)
  4. Water (Jal)
  5. Earth
  6. Diet
  7. Ram Naam. (However, some people call it the science of living or the art of living.)

SONY DSCTreatment by seven elements is quite different from the systems of medicine practiced at present. Those, who regard Nature Cure only as a method of curing diseases, are mistaken. In reality nature cure is the right way of living. It is an art of attending a long, healthy and blissful life. Of course, it is true that the principles and rules which are followed to maintain good health are the same which are advocated to cure diseases. In both cases the rules are the same. By following the same natural laws a person can protect his health, but if he does not follow them, he falls ill. His health is again restored when he begins to follow those natural laws or rules.

Nature Cure tells how to live in a natural way. It tells what to eat and drink and when. It teaches how to sleep and relax. It explains that the seven elements which make up our body should be utilized in the state of health as well as in ill health so that one lives a long and blissful life.

Ten Basic Principles of Nature Cure

Nature Cure recognizes ten basic principles which should be thoroughly understood. An understanding of these principles would enable anyone to maintain good health and live a long healthy life full of joy. These ten basic principles are:

  1. All diseases are same, their causes are same and their treatment is same.
  2. Germs do not cause disease.
  3. Acute illness is not an enemy but a friend.
  4. Nature itself is the doctor.
  5. Treatment is not of a particular disease but of the entire body of the patient.
  6. Diagnosis of disease is not necessary.
  7. It takes time to cure a patient suffering from chronic ailments.
  8. Suppressed diseases come to surface through Nature Cure.
  9. Simultaneous treatment of body, mind and soul.
  10. No medicines should be given to the patient during Nature Cure treatment.


  1. Rojin Giri on November 20, 2013 at 1:36 pm said:

    I have read about naturopathy in your site and you said that you can treat depression and anxiety also. I was a patient and want to try this. So, how long will it take for the treatment and what about the time table and cost. Can I have some general idea, please email me with details and I will visit your place and will start pretty soon. Thank you.

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