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rinerHere I try to write my experience (class of yoga-teacher with Dr. Chetnath Adhikari) of my stay in Kathmandu in year 2013.

Because these grateful feelings of this stay cannot be written in words. Words like love, pain, promise, hate, peace, anxiety, calmness, misunderstanding, knowledge, nervelessness, power, devotion and truth can only describe a drop of an ocean. It was a increasing and continuing connection to constructiveness. The identification of my being of all layers: physically, mentally and of my higher-self comes more and more clarity and right understanding.

Finally, it was one of my most exciting adventures I ever had.

I am so grateful and bow my head to salute you, my guru Chetnath, with a huge pack of emotions. I appreciate your guiding to myself. I am sure, one day I visit Nepal and my good friends again.

Nurtingen, Stuttgard, Germany
Email: ramh.pfeiffer@arcor.de

SarahIn 2010 i spent a life changing 6 months with Chetena at his clinic in Kathmandu. Practicing yoga, mediation, reiki, massage and yogic cleansing techniques as well as Writing and publishing a book together on yoga and Chetenas style of teaching.

Chetena has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he would share with me everyday. This helped me to find the tools within to work through certain physical and mental issues I had at this time.

My time in nepal with chetnath and his beautiful family has been invaluable to me as it set me up with a solid foundational experience of yoga and helped me to find my own path and to create the life that I want.

Since nepal i have continued my studies and teach yoga in Australia at “the yoga room” in Mornington.

I am forever grateful for my time with Chetnath and for all the love, generosity and support he has given me.

Sarah Leeworthy
Melbourne, Austrailia

Yoga-Reik_32I am forever indebted to you, you have changed my life and truly helped me to be the master of my experience.

I will always remember this experience. It is a great stepping stone in a life full of happiness and enlightenment, may you continue to inspire otheres, the way you have inspired me.
Many thanks and love.

Cathy Day

stepieThere are two main moments in life, the moment when you are born and the moment when you know for what you are born. Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you made me experience this second moment. It was an honor for me to be your student. You made me understand what life is all about and what it means to be aware of oneself, of happiness and health. I really appreciate the love, honesty and respect you gave me during my stay. You inspired me in many ways. The time in your clinic, the teaching and healing, was the best time I had so far in my life.

Thank you! In deepest connection and love,



My name is May I am one of his students in Lispa in Chang Chun,China. I went to Lispa Fitness center every day with expected mood.This is the cause why I start to practice yoga.I go there to practice yoga for keeping good health before.But now I have special feeling of doing yoga.That is peaceful feeling. Dr Adhikari who with the mysterious feeling became our yoga teacher one year ago.His pose and carefully teaching ,hearty laugh infected me.My body become flexible slowly and I can do any pose in easy way.At the same time , I feel my mind also become soft, and I can face the challenge peacefully.I forget all the troubles and my mind is full of love and happiness. Searing yoga is the most meaningful thing in my life .Thanks to Dr Adhikari,because he make me from dark to bright .Now I feel relax,peace and happy in every day.And I hope that we will have more laugh,and passion to do something .And more and more people like yoga ,we can share the happiness with doing yoga.



The experience of doing yoga with yogi Ananda from his translator in Chang Chun ,China.
I am Yogi Adhikari’s translator in Chang Chun,I am also an yoga teacher and I know him because one time I went to Lispa fitness club to try teaching class,he is satisfied with my translation and he always encourge me and guide me to learn some knowledge.He find out that I have stress,anxiety and depression and taught me how to do six cleaning,different kinds of meditation,and passed reiky energy to me.Recently I had many special feelings of doing meditation and get the peace and relaxtion which I really need.I am not only learnt yoga with him but also learn lots of knowledge ,philosophy and the most important thing is how can get a yoga life.Thanks a lot my Guru,I am very pleasure to be your translator.

Chang chun ,China


HarryAll beginning is difficult; Let me say that in the learned I have learned a lot. A lot about my body and after body’s and about the principles of Ayurveda massage.

It had my intense for a long time and both of you have fulfilled my expectations. I want to give special thanks to manu, because she tried and already partly, succeed in optimist my back together, the massage and the yoga were very good and supported each other.

I thank you very much for your interest in my person and I will see you again in the future

Harry van

ErikaTo learn more about Reiki, Meditation & Yoga has been a wonderful & rewarding experience.Thank you for teaching & guiding me.

I recommended to everyone who is interested in changing their life experience to join the “Yoga-Reiki & Naturecare Foundation.


Erika Thurig
20 September 2007

AnsuI joined the team of Chetna yoga for 1-month to get trained as a Reiki First degree. During this time i practiced yoga, mediation, reiki, massage and yogic cleansing techniques. Together with that I did lots of reading on books that i was inspired by through my guru Mr Chetnath Adikari – Thank you! The daily 1-month routined practice, hardwork, dedication and my gurus trust in believing me and really sticking by me – putting encouraging words got me through this course.

To be honest words are not enough to describe my experience through Chetna Yoga Team! It was definitely a life changing experience and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Thank you for your guidance and support to help me successfully complete course.
I’ll never forget the special bond that I’ve with you all!

Thank you for your love and support!


Anshu Das
10 December 2013


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SarahIn 2010 i spent a life changing 6 months with Chetena at his clinic in Kathmandu. Practicing yoga, mediation, reiki, massage and yogic cleansing techniques as well as ... Read More

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