Yoga Retret


3-7 days yoga retreat with Dr. Chetnath Adhikari

a. Background

Health, Happiness, Peace, Relaxation and success are what people throughout the world strive for; however, they are often times beyond reach of most people, because of various physical and mental illness. From ancient times, the science of yoga has been preached and practiced for the sole purpose of obtaining the states of Health, happiness, peace, relaxation and success for mankind. Through practice of this science incurable diseases can be cured, the unhappy can be made happy, stress turn into peace and relaxation and failures turned to success. Modern science has also testified the appropriateness and efficiency of yoga.

Otherwise in spiritual way throughout practice of yoga people can get higher level of consciousness. The ultimate goal of yoga according to Hindu yoga philosophy is to unity the individual soul with the supreme soul (god).

b. Yoga Method (Philosophy part)

  • Introduction to yoga
  • Yoga History
  • Effect of yoga on body and mind
  • Kind of yoga
  • Information about eastern Hindu culture and philosophy
  • Some useful tips for good health
  • General notes for yoga practioner
  • Method of healthy living

c. Yoga Method (Practical Part)

  • Worming up through yogic dance
  • Mobility yoga to joint, spinal cord, digestive, chest and energy block group.
  • Pre- posture
  • 36 Basic yogasana (yoga posture)
  • Meditation and Mudras (Passive and Dynamic meditation)
  • Pranayama (Breathing art)
  • Yoga Relaxation
  • Yogic cleansing (Yogic Kriya)
  • Chanting / Laughing / Walking meditation
  • Yoga to therapeutic (stress relief, high blood pressure, back pain cervical)

d. Some detail

  1. Asanas: Through adoption of appropriate asanas (postures), toxins are removed from the body. This ensures purification of blood, leading to better health.
  2. Pranayama (Breathing art): Through correct practice of 5-7 kinds of breathing techniques, the condition of one’s respiratory system will improve. The mind and the body, both are energized by pranayama illness related to the respiratory tract and other parts of the body too can be cured.
  3. Dhyaan (Meditation): Attending peace of mind is the prime aim of Dhyaan (Meditation). Twenty minutes of meditation practiced daily, can bring peace and tranquility and expel negative emotions from the mind. By stopping the waves of thought you come to understand your true nature and discover the wisdom and tranquility that lie down.
  4. Yoga cleansing: This consists of six cleansing methods which will purify the body physically, mentally and spiritually.
  5. Relaxation: Yoga nindra (relaxation) means with trace of awareness. It is a state of mind in between wakefulness and dream. In relaxation the nature of mind can be changed, diseases can be cured and creative genius can be restored. Relaxation is psychic sleep. It is state of mind in which the mind and body relax but the consciousness remains active.

e. Yoga class

Period:                        ………………
Class day:                  ………….. to  ………..
Time:                           Morning, Afternoon, Evening or (it will be fixed upon discussion)
Class size:                  According to yoga hall size
Duration:                   2-hrs session / each day 6hrs.( can be discussion about this also)
Language:                 English(if needed, translator contact with Christina Bruckner)
Age group:               Active people 8- 100 years of age
Dress:                         Comfortable fitting clothes
Food:                          Health (yogic) food is best or (as practioner do like)

f. Class instructors

Dr. yogi Ananda (Chetnath Adhikari)

Yogi AnandaFounder of Yoga- Reiki and Naturecare Foundation Kathmandu, NEPAL. Dr. yogi has published three books on yoga health and mind technology. Furthermore his meditation and relaxation classes are made on audio cassette also. In his clinic he is an instructor of yoga, master of Reiki and a doctor of Naturopathy. Through the yoga clinic he hopes to benefit those patients suffering from ailments such as depression, anxiety, arthritis, high blood pressure, sugar, back pain, servical spondylitis and other chronic diseases. In an effort to reach a wider audience, his classes are broadcast thrice a week on channel Nepal Television 2003-2005 and also in china his yoga classes were broadcasted on Jilin Live TV, the whole year of 2008 every day in the morning. He has also instructed programme in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Lhasa (Tibet 8 months) and China( one year). Furthermore, he gives teacher training courses on yoga and therapeutic yoga (treatment based) to those who express interest.

g. Class Details

# Morning

  • Warming up yoga
  • Yoga to mobility group
  • Pre posture/ Sun salutation yoga
  • Short relaxation
  • Yogic cleansing

# Afternoon

  • Yoga philosophy/ Interaction
  • Yoga posture
  • Pranayama /Mudra
  • Deep relaxation
  • Meditation

# Evening

  • Walking meditation (before one hour of dark)
  • Dynamic (Active) Meditation
  • Candle Gazing meditation
  • Chanting/ Laughing

(Other more day by day detail after yours response)

(If you want to organize this seminar at any country and place we can organize as per your request.)

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