Yoga Teacher’s Course


Yoga teachers training course is being organised by Chetana Yoga from 17th September, 2013 to 25th October, 2013 in Thamel, Kathmandu center. The course is provided by the famous and experienced Yoga Master Dr. Chetnath Adhikari (Yogiananada).

Training Schedule 2013-2014

Class Start Date
Class End Date
17 September 2013 25 October 2013
01 November 2013 30 November 2013
15 February 2014 16 March 2014
16 April 2014 16 May 2014
21 August 2014 20 September 2014
07 November 2014 06 December 2014

Overview of Yoga Teacher’s Training Course

yoga-teacherCourse duration: One Month

Daily Schedule: Morning 8 am – 4 pm (Sunday to Friday)
10:00 am: breakfast break for 90 minutes/1:30 pm: lunch break for 90 minutes

Meal: Breakfast and Lunch in Yoga studio

Accommodation: Guest room in Private house/Hotel

Location: Thamel, Kathmandu

Yoga Tour: 3-4 days at natural place out from Kathmandu (Trishuli, Country side)


Yoga Teacher’s Training (Detail)

Yoga Method (Philosophy part) Pranayama
Introduction to yoga / Yoga History / Effect of yoga on body and mind / Kind of yoga / Information about eastern Hindu culture and philosophy / General notes for yoga practioner / Method of healthy living Yogic breathing / Uggai  / Chandravedi  / Suryavedi / Nadisodhana / Bastrika / Setali and sitakari / Bhramari / Anuloma beloma
Meditation Types Mudra
Third eye / Bipasena / Felling the body awareness / Dynamic Meditation /Crying Meditation / Laughing Meditation / Walking Meditation / Sound Meditation / Chakra Mediation Sambhabi / Bhuchari / Gyana and Chin / Nasikagra Dristi / Aswayoni mudra / Akashi Mudra / Yoni Mudra / Yoga Mudra / Khechari Mudra
Yogic Six Cleansing (satkarma) General knowledge of Naturopathy
Neti / Dhoti / Basti / Nauli /Kapalbhati / Tratak Knowledge about five elementsTreatment method: (Steam bath, Hotfoot bath, hot cold compression, Wet sheet pack. Massage)
Fasting Yoga to therapeutic purpose
Three days fruits fasting practice / Benefits of fasting / Method of fasting Back pain group / Stomach pain or problem / Depression / Anxiety / Chronic disease

General knowledge of Anatomy and physiology

Basic 72 ASANAS

Standing Asanas

Balancing: Miscellaneous

  • Christmas tree poses
  • Eagle pose
  • ‘T’ poses
  • Nataraj Asana

Non balancing: miscellaneous

  • Palm tree pose
  • Hand raising pose
  • Brave pose
  • Brave poses variation

Backward bending

  • Standing cobra pose
  • Half moon poses
  • Surya Namaskar back bending
  • Pad Parsotanasan


Forward Bending 

  • Head to knee pose
  • Double angle pose
  • Head to knee (single leg)
  • Pad parsotansan

Side Ways Bending

  • Triyak Tadasan
  • Triangle poses
  • Triangle poses variation I
  • Triangle poses Variation II


  • Kati Chakrasana (I)
  • Katichakrasan (II)
  • Twisting with hands straight-out
  • Triyak Kati Chakrasana

Sitting Asanas

Balancing miscellaneous

  • Crow pose
  • Two handed cobra pose
  • Hamsama
  • Tiptoe pose (pada Angushthasana)

Non balancing: miscellaneous

  • Lion pose
  • Mountain poses
  • Spinal column poses (Merudandasan)
  • Gracious pose (Bhadrasana)

Backward Bending

  • Camel poses (ustrasana)
  • Tiger pose (Vyaghrasana)
  • Gomukhasana (cow face pose)
  • Bridge pose/ pelvic stretch (setu asana)


Forward Bending 

  • Spinal stretching poses (pastimotasana)
  • Hare pose (shashankasans)
  • Alternate leg stretch poses (Janusirasana)
  • Kurmasana

Sideways twisting

  • Spinal twist prostration poses (Bhu Namanasan)
  • Spinal twist (meru wakrasana)
  • Holy spinal twist (Ardha matsyendrasana)
  • Full spinal twist (Matsyendrasana)

Sideways bending 

  • Beautiful pose (pariGhasana)
  • Side bending mountain pose (Triyak Mountain)
  • Spiraled head to knee pose (Parivaritit Janu sirasan)
  • Lateral Angle pose


Laying category

Balancing Miscellaneous 

  • Boat poses (Naukasana)
  • Jewelers pose (Rat asana)
  • Balancing poses (santulanasana)
  • Head pose

Non-Balancing Miscellaneous 

  • Laying tree pose
  • Leg and hand raise pose
  • Gas realizing poses (Pawanmuktasan))
  • Boat poses

Sideways twisting

  • Spinal twisting pose
  • Spinal twisting variation I
  • Spinal twisting variation II
  • Spinal twisting variation III


Forward Bending 

  • Shoulder poses (Sarvangasan)
  • Knee to ear pose (Karnapidasan)
  • Halasan (Plough poses)
  • Biparit karami mudra

Backward Bending 

  • Wheel poses (Chakrasana) or Fish pose
  • Bow poses (Danurasana)
  • Scorpion poses (Salvasana)
  • Cobra poses (Bhugangalana)

Sideways bending

  • Spinal bending poses (Meru Akarshanasu)
  • Knee to Arm pet pose
  • Finger to toe stretch (Hasta pada Angushtasana)
  • Anantasana

Types of yoga

  • Hatha yoga
  • Raja yoga
  • Gyana yoga
  • Bhakti yoga
  • Karma yoga
  • Mantra yoga

Yoga and Food

  • Satvik Bhogan
  • Ragasi Bhogan
  • Tamasi Bhogan

Ashram/ Monastary Visit and Meditation

  • Osho Tapoban
  • Shivapuri Baba
  • White Monastery
  • Some Hindu temples

Astang yoga

  • Yama
  • Niyama
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Pranayama
  • Dharana
  • Dhyana
  • Samadhi

Biographies of Yogis (Recommended for study)

  • Yogananda
  • Raman Maharsi
  • Bibekanda
  • Khaptad Baba
  • Shibapuri Baba
  • RamKrishna Paramhansa

Bhajan/ Kirtan/ Mantra/ Chanting

  • Aum chanting
  • Aum Nam Shibaya
  • Guru Bhakti Bhagan
  • Narayana Narayana chanting

Astanga Yoga (eight-limb or step yoga)

(Based on yoga sutras by Patanjali)

Introduction to Astang yoga
Ashtanga_YogaIn Sanskrit “Astha+anga” is ASHTANGA. “ASHTA means eight and ANGA is limbs, so it means eight limb paths, Ashtanga yoga is based on yoga philosophy of PATANGALI. The Asanas, Pranayama or the Dhahran, which we have studied earlier, or the yam and Niyam are based on the yoga sutras of Patanjali. Hence, we will acquaint ourselves with the fundamentals as stated by Patanjali first.

History of Astanga yoga
Yoga has its roots about 5000 years B.C. as described in Vedic Philosophy and ‘Tantras’. Patanjali, great sage composed this path into a Darshan (philosophy) in his book Patanjali yoga sutra. In which he has formulated yoga as a eight limbs or eight fold path.

Eight limbs of Astang yoga

Yama (principles of, moral code, or social disciplines)

  • Ahimsa – A principle of Non-violence
  • Satya – A principle of Truthfulness
  • Asteya – A principle of none stealing
  • Brahmacharya – A principle of continence/ celibacy
  • Aparigaha – A principle of Non-hoarding or non-possessiveness

Niyama (Personal Disciplines)

  • Shoucha – Purity
  • Santosh – contentment
  • Tapa – Endurance
  • Swadhyaya- Self-study
  • Eshwar Pyramidal – Dedication

Asana (Yoga postures)

  • A stable and comfortable posture, which helps, attains mental equilibrium.

Pranayama: (Yoga Breathing)

  • Extension and control of breathing/ breath

Prathayara (withdrawal of senses)

  • A mental preparation to increase the power of mind.

Dharana (concentration on object)

  • Concentration of mind on one object and its field.

Dhyan (Meditation)

  • With drawing mind from all external objects and focusing it on one point and meditating on it or rest the mind is called meditation.

Samadhi (salvation)

  • State of super bliss, joy and meaning individual consciousness into universal consciousness. Union between Jivatama (human being or soul) and Paratmatma (super soul). Union of Shiva and Shakti is Sahasrar Chakra (the top of the head) realizing the Brahma (pure consciousness) or Realization of God is the ultimate achievement of human birth.


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