Yoga Reiki & Nature Care FoundationYoga Reiki & Nature Care FoundationYoga Reiki & Nature Care FoundationYoga Reiki & Nature Care FoundationYoga Reiki & Nature Care Foundation
Yoga Reiki & Nature Care Foundation
Yoga Reiki & Nature Care Foundation
Yoga Reiki & Nature Care Foundation
Yoga Reiki & Nature Care Foundation
Yoga Reiki & Nature Care Foundation

Chetana Yoga for Holistic Lifestyle

लघुत्वमारोग्यमलोलुपत्वं वर्णप्रसादं स्वरसौष्ठवं च |

गन्ध: शुभो मूत्रपुरीषमल्पं योगप्रवृत्तिं प्रथमा वदन्ति || 2.13||

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The great yogis of ancient time say: the benefits of yoga are lightness and healthiness of the body, absence of desire, clear complexion, and pleasantness of voice, sweet odor and slight excretions. (Upanishad)

Chetana yoga was established to help practitioners achieve the above-mentioned benefits of yoga practices. Our 200 hrs. course and other packages are solely based on these Upanishad ideals. Thousands of yoga practitioners have realized these benefits while practicing yoga with us. We have renowned masters of yoga, Vedanta philosophy, Buddhist philosophy and Tantric practices. We are concerned fully to address your needs and expectations in learning and gaining the skills. For this, therapy and training, retreat and philosophical teachings, healings and cleansings are available. We have a beautiful yoga studio in the city. Our yoga and meditation masters are very much interested to listen your concerns and questions.

Chetana Yoga believes in the need for maintaining harmony between body, mind and spirit for enjoying a peaceful, healthy and balanced life. Based on Hindu Philosophy of yoga and Buddhist way of meditation, Chetana Yoga established on 1999, with the concept of respecting life and spirit in its various dimension.

About us


Until a man is mentally comfortable, he can’t make him his life smoothly. The modern civilization has contributed not only new innovations but also physical trouble, mental, disturbance, tensions to people who are not in a way to life life in its way. The richer they are, the more troubled they tend to be.

Our Master

ourmaster Our yoga masters are fun, caring, supportive, and refreshingly. Their wide and deep expertise in the eight limbs of yoga, anatomy and physiology, healing, and personal transformation makes it easy for them to teach you everything you need to know to be a confident, skilled teacher.

Yoga & Cultural Tour


Yoga Culture Tour is a new yoga concept developed by Chetana Yoga Foundation. We have carefully blended blissful yoga and meditation programme with tour of various spiritual and cultural fountains in Nepal. Nepal is naturally and culturally rich.

Yoga Pilgrimage Group


Located in the remote and far reaches of the western region of Tibet, Mt. Kailash is the holiest mountain in the world. Revered by over a billion Hindus and millions of Tibetan Buddhists, Jains and Bonpo as the center of the universe, Mt. Kailash has proven a great enigma for adventurers throughout the ages…

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Yoga and meditation have been parts of human life since the Vedic Period. Yoga and meditation, if practiced regularly and wisely, can transform a man of low spirit into a man of high sprit and confidence by bringing the mind into absolute relaxed, purifying thoughts and making the body smart and stronger…



Reiki is a system of healing with hands by accumulating energy in the universe through deep/-practiced meditation with hands onto the bodies. Mikao Ushi, from Japan reestablished this system in the 19th century. People who have undergone bonafide Reiki learning can heal others and themselves, too…



Health, Happiness, Peace, Relaxation and success are what people throughout the world strive for; however, they are often times beyond reach of most people, because of various physical and mental illness. From ancient times, the science of yoga has been preached and practiced for the sole purpose of obtaining…

Yoga teacher


Yoga teachers training course is being organised by Chetana yoga from 16th of December, 2013 to 22nd of Janauary, 2014 in thamel, kathmandu center. The course is provided by the famous and experienced Yoga master Dr. Chetnath Adhikari (Yogiananada). Yoga Method (Philosophy part)…

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Nurshing Chowk, Thamel, Kathmandu
Residence Tel: 01-4353477
Contact Person
Dr. Chetnath Adhikari: +977 9741133537
Nanu Adhikari: +977 9841930441
01-4353477 (Residence)

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Our Testimonials


rinerHere I try to write my experience (class of yoga-teacher with Dr. Chetnath Adhikari) of my stay in Kathmandu in year 2013... Read More

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