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Unity and harmony in our thoughts, words and actions is the highest practice of yoga. Mahatma Gandhi Indian Spiritual leader (1869-1948)

Defined, all having to do with cleaning. The first step is Yama, the entertainment value or ethics, to which everything is based. Then comes niyama, self-discipline. These two steps are singing include social and personal spiritual disciplines and practices such as chanting and mantra or the love of neighbor. Yogi Ananda: “First we have to follow Yama and Niyama, then we are spiritually qualified for the third stage, the asanas, pranayama, and the fourth stage, the breathing exercises. Due to the physical cleaning of the nose is open, the neck is free and we can breathe in the right way on and off. The next stage is followed by the domination of the senses and needs. Our constant desires ultimately lead to our discontent. Because we always want something we do not always get, we are dissatisfied. So are our needs to our rulers. Our needs determine our actions, not our spirit. Therefore, the relaxation of yoga is so important.

In the relaxation phase, we come to rest, and the thoughts are less. “Concentration is the sixth stage, and meditation is the seventh. But if body and mind are not cleaned, there can be no meditation and hence no cleansing of the soul, which for the last stage – samadhi, enlightenment – is necessary. In the yoga concept of this condition is described as an experience of profound wisdom, happiness and universal understanding of life. Yogi Ananda: “I’ve learned that it takes three months to cleanse the physical body, the spirit of six months and nine months for the soul. This is the time for the healing process. “The path of yoga may not be the easiest way to a healthy life, but certainly with its healing effect on body, mind and soul of one of the most comprehensive.

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