Meet Our Masters

Yogi Ananda (Dr. Chetnath Adhikari)

Founder / Sr. Yoga Teacher

Being involved in Yoga practice since 1989, Dr. Adhikari received yoga trainer’s training from yogi Vikasanands in 2000 in Kathmandu. He obtained the titles of Doctor of Naturopathy and Dr. of Yoga in 2001 from school of Natural Therapeutics from Gorakhpur, India. In 2002 he got masters degree in Reiki From Yogi Vikasananda. He stared Reiki – Yoga clinic at Thamel, Kathmandu the same year and he has been working as an in-charge of the clinic since then.

Atul Shah

Yoga Teacher / Reiki Dikshya

Atul Shah, has been practicing yoga for past fifteen years. Under the tutelage of yog guru Chetnath Adhikari. He has taken yoga teachers training and Reiki Dikshya.



Netra Acharya

Sr. Yoga Teacher

Netra Acharya is a Meditation Master, Buddhist scholar, writer, editor and traveler. He is known for his love of spiritual practices but is also enthusiastic about organizing charity works, mixing with people and living in nature. He has completed Master’s Degree in Buddhist Philosophy from Nepal Sanskrit University. He is a PhD scholar in Lumbini Buddhist University. His research is focused on Buddhist way of Meditation. He has written six books on spiritual subjects; yoga, Buddhist way of meditation and dharma practices. For one year, he was yoga/meditation instructor in Dwarikas’ Resort, with Holistic Lifestyle, Nepal (2014). He taught Sanskrit and Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy in Lumbini Buddhist University for one year (2017-2018). He writes his insights in a personal

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Yoga Teacher

Sujata began practicing yoga from an early age. She received in-depth yoga training in 2006 and completed a yoga teachers training course in 2007. She has been teaching regular daily classes in the chetana yoga clinic for the past 2 years. Sujata is currently studying a Master Degree in travel and tourism and has already gained much experience working within the industry; including active involvement in yoga trekking. 

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Yogi Nanu Adhikari (Dhital)

Yoga Teacher

A devoted Yoga practitioner since her early life, Dr. Nanu Dhital received Reiki energy at the age of 22. She obtained the titles of Doctor of Yoga and Doctor of Naturopathy from school of Natural Therapists Gorakhpur, India. Dr. Dhital is known as a skilled Yoga trainer in Nepal.People who receive Reiki energy from her feel immensely relaxed. She provides Yoga training in Reiki – Yoga clinic Thamel, Kathmandu.


Chhaya Chand Shah

Natrupathic Treatment / Yoga Teacher

Chhaya Chand Shah, has extensive Marketting skills. She stayed in Yoggram Natrupathic Treatment Center, Haridwar, India. Enthusiastic yoga practitioner.



Christina Bruckner

Yoga Teacher

Christina Bruckner is an artist and as a mountain climber she has visited many countries all over the world. Since 20 years she is  visiting Nepal. She has organized several School-projects in this time and studied culture and meditation. Regularly since 5 years she is practising Yoga – Meditation  and Reiki.In Starnberg Germany. She has her own Reiki – Yoga – Studio. She is also working as a Reiki Master.



Subhas Adhikari

Yoga Teacher

A devoted yoga practitioner since his teen age Mr. Subash Adhikari received reiki initiation at the age of 19. He practiced yoga basic course in 2003 from Dr. Chetnath Adhikari and Dr. Nanu Dhital and got Yoga   Teacher’s Training Course in 2004 from them. He has been working as a yoga instructor in Reiki-Yoga Clinic, Thamel from 2005 and also offered yoga training organized by different clubs.

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Dr. Chetnath Adhikari: +977 9741133537,
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Nanu Adhikari: +977 9841930441
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Atul Shah: +977-9841221157
Email: atulshah1971@gmail.com
Chhaya Shah Chand: +977-9841551567
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