Other Programs & Schedule


Yoga Pilgrimage Tour Mt. Kailash 2014

Tour Schedule: July 30, 2014 ~ August 13, 2014


Others Programs & Schedule

Yoga For Trekking: As per your request

Yoga Package Tour : As per your request

Yoga Retret in Europe: Hotel Kranzbach in Germany and Hotel Steirerhof in Austria will be held on June/July 2014


Regular Program

Yoga general class : Daily 2:00pm – 3.30pm (except saturday)
Yoga special class : As per your request
Reiki healing : As per your request
Natural treatment : As per your request
Massage : As per your request
1 day to 7 days package : As per your request
Meditation : As per your request
Health counceling : As per your request

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Cathy Day

cathyI am forever indebted to you, you have changed my life and truly helped me to be the master of my experience. I will always remember this...

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