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Some think that was the aerobics wave in the 1980s, is the yoga-trend at the beginning of the 21st Century. In both cases, with the goal to be fit and relaxed. But anyone who thinks so thinks too short. Ananda Yogi, who heads a clinic for Yoga and Reiki in Nepal, says: Om Symbol“Yoga is a way how to live his life. It is much more than just exercise, it is a way of thinking, to move and eat. “The term” yoga “comes from Sanskrit and means” union “or” connection “. Individual consciousness of individuals is to combine it with a larger force, a universal consciousness. In addition, yoga is seen as a connection between body, mind and soul – an association called the exercise by the individual body and breathing exercises in yoga asanas and pranayama speech, as well as relaxation techniques and meditation can be achieved. Prevention rather than cure While yoga in India is perceived more as a way of life, have Americans and Europeans dealt with the detailed physiological modes of action, and for about ten years, yoga therapy developed as a separate concept and is gaining in popularity. Martina summer Goldammer, a trained physiotherapist and yoga therapist, knows both forms of treatment from my own experience: “Under therapy is understood in the West that it has a disease and needs a solution. Most people in this country do not begin with yoga therapy, as long as they are healthy, but only from a certain occasion. Here, the term yoga therapy is a much broader meaning and includes in each case, prevention, as well as the concept of yoga based on a preventive is -. Yoga is a means of maintaining health, “It is embedded in the Indian medicine Ayurveda, which health problems due to an imbalance in the three vital forces of the body, called doshas leads back. Summer Goldammer: “In yoga therapy is determined, which dominates the three doshas, ​​air, fire or water in a person and what should be compensated,” Yoga therapy is therefore not only on the structural level of muscles, joints and bones, such as physiotherapy. but holistic. Summer Goldammer: “In yoga therapy, I also refer clients to one of the lifestyle, about his daily routine, his likes or his digestion, and choose exercises that correspond exactly his type. Physiotherapy puts the contrast in the history of the emphasis on clinical aspects such as muscle strength or range of motion of the joints. “Together, the two therapies is that they are targeted. That is, there is both an accurate diagnosis, goal setting and achieving an ongoing therapy during the adaptation to the desired destination. But in the conduct of exercises they go to part their separate ways.

From the coarse-material for Subtle Summer Goldammer: “Physiotherapy often has a very physical access, such as when I man with a weight on the leg can be trained with sixty percent of its maximum power and measure, as is his range of motion, his pulse and his heart beat. In yoga therapy, I would choose for this patient, a functional exercise and think about what is the type of person he is rather quiet or dynamic? How do I steer the focus of the client so that he not only knows how often it should do the exercise, but also what to aim accurately. Thus, the exercises are not merely on the physical level, but on the breathing,

Awareness and perception of the focus on mental and emotional processes to reach much deeper layers. I work so to speak, from the coarse-material Subtle “It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but the attitude is to take responsibility for his health to someone else -. In which case the therapist – to delegate widespread. Summer Goldammer: “The yoga therapy is suitable for those people who have the will, even to actively do something for their health, and are open to the philosophy of yoga. It is suitable both for prevention and rehabilitation. Wherever someone is busy with his illness and learn to deal with it.

Even healthy profit, the applications of yoga for therapeutic purposes are broad and range from all diseases of the posture and musculoskeletal system, which is the typical R ückenschmerzen or neck and shoulder tension from working on the PC, on lifestyle diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure or diabetes to sleep disorders or depression. Medical studies repeatedly show that regular yoga has a very short time positive effects on health. Thus, in 1993 studied in Germany, like the popular style of Hatha yoga works for typical diseases of civilization. In a large study conducted by Dr. Martina Bley 253 volunteers in Berlin over a period of 18 months were studied. A portion of the study devoted specifically to the effects of yoga on back pain and high blood pressure, and it was found that the pain or high blood pressure of participants within four weeks regular yoga had improved significantly. But not only the sick benefit of one or another hour of yoga therapy. Summer Goldammer: “Everyone can choose a topic on which he wants to work with a T herapeuten to go deeper into the yoga practice. If I ever go to an open hour, I would probably prefer yoga exercises or ways in which I am already well anyway, and remain in the ewegungsmuster B, which suits me. But someone who is quiet and powerful, would need something more dynamic and someone who is very active and mobile, would need a little more strength and stability. In individual therapy I can investigate more precisely, where are the personal strengths and weaknesses

Purification of body and mind while in this country is the emphasis on body and breathing exercises, is in India’s spiritual practice inseparably connected with yoga. In addition to the meditation are mantras that are recited or sung during the exercises. This power-charged syllables or verses intended to increase the concentration or are used as prayer to bring protection, luck or health. You have to be Hindu or Buddhist, nor to “the calming or stimulating effect of the so-called divine syllable Om to experience.” And some people may find this spiritual practice through the asanas, or vice versa. Some others, however brings his own illness to yoga, as Yogi Ananda. By his early twenties of the Nepalese suffered from multiple problems, from digestive disorders of muscle pain to disturbances in lipid metabolism, but the doctors found no cause. By chance, he got a book on yoga in your hands. “I was neither devout Hindu, nor do I believe in yoga,” as he says today, but reading it was clear that his life was something fundamentally wrong. Likewise, he accidentally met his teacher, Yogi Vikasananda and after three months of yoga under the guidance plus change his habits, he realized that his health was better. Since his 42nd Of age he is professionally trained yoga doctor and convinced that most diseases are caused by toxins – poisons which he is also on the psychological and emotional level. For a healthy life, therefore cleaning, nutrition, and physical and spiritual practice are necessary. This distinguishes the yogic approach to healthy living is not in the least by the European, as postulated by Father Kneipp was about. The Bavarian “water doctor” said that a balanced life rests on the five pillars of water treatments, nourishment and herb therapy, movement therapy and order. An important, additional aspect of Yoga is the purification of body and mind, as Yogi Ananda said: “Patanjali, considered the father of Yoga has eight steps of yoga

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