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He is Incharge of Yoga – Reiki and Nature care foundation, Thamel, Kathmandu. This is our  Yoga – Reiki clinic based on holistic medical approach that has really benefited the patients suffering from chronic diseases and psychological disorders. The way we treat the patients is called alternative healing. We apply Yoga, Meditation, Breathing exercises, Food therapy, Naturopathy, Vitamin Therapy, and Reiki healing and so on. Our center has been offering such services from 1999. He work as a Yoga Instructor, Reiki master and Naturopathy doctor.

His Yoga classes were broadcast by Channel Nepal Television three days a week for two consecutive years i.e. from 2003 to 2004. He had offered yoga training in Lhasa, self governed state of China, in 2006 for 8 months similarly, he has been organizing seminars in some European countries such as Germany, Italy and Austria on Yoga, Meditation, culture, philosophy and Reiki from 2004 to till now. He had conducted yoga classes in Changchun, Jilin Province. From August 2007 to September 2008. His yoga, culture and philosophy classes were broadcast everyday in Jilin life television channel in China from 1st January 2008 for 1 year.

He is one of the key members of psycho revolution campaign launched by Dr. Yogi Vikasananda. The campaign has organized Yoga, Reiki and various programs of life philosophy throughout Nepal from 1999 to till now.

Furthermore, He had provide teacher-training courses on yoga and therapeutic yoga (treatment based) to the interested ones. He had developed Yoga Tourism concept in Nepal. Many people from different country are motivated to do yoga pilgrimage tour, trekking Yoga. Every year many participants from his seminar (Europe and china) are visiting Nepal for getting knowledge of Hinduism, Buddhism and Yoga teachers course too. He has published yoga & health book also.

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Narsingchowk, Thamel,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
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Dr. Chetnath Adhikari: +977 9741133537,
+977-14353477 (Res)
Email: drchetnath@yahoo.com, chetanayoga999@gmail.com
Nanu Adhikari: +977 9841930441
Email: nanudhital@yahoo.com
Atul Shah: +977-9841221157
Email: atulshah1971@gmail.com
Chhaya Shah Chand: +977-9841551567
Email: chhayachands@gmail.com

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