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Newspaper Cutting

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Method of healthy living

To be truly healthy is to be healthy of the body, mind and soul. In order to achieve this, one needs to have self discipline. Below are some rules/guidelines to follow to maintain good health. Food: Follow a Satvik diet (see chapter on yoga and food) Exercise: Exercise is extremely important for general health and wellbeing. A

Unity and harmony in our thoughts

Unity and harmony in our thoughts, words and actions is the highest practice of yoga. Mahatma Gandhi Indian Spiritual leader (1869-1948) Defined, all having to do with cleaning. The first step is Yama, the entertainment value or ethics, to which everything is based. Then comes niyama, self-discipline. These two steps are singing include social and

Healing with OM

Some think that was the aerobics wave in the 1980s, is the yoga-trend at the beginning of the 21st Century. In both cases, with the goal to be fit and relaxed. But anyone who thinks so thinks too short. Ananda Yogi, who heads a clinic for Yoga and Reiki in Nepal, says: “Yoga is a way

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